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Light Sleeping

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

LIGHT SLEEPING is an erotic fantasy of sensual love between a human and an animal ... a woman and a cat. Each comes to this meeting joyously, each gives and receives affection. During this sensual encounter, human and animal spirits are joined, become one. Human and animal become like each other, and become more than what they are by themselves ....

The inspiration for the film came from Karu, the black male cat who lives with me. The woman is myself played by my friend Georgianna, who is a natural "cat-lover." And on one level the film has a special meaning for any who may feel close to the cat spirit, or appreciative of cat psyche and movement and being. But I hope people can have a purely intuitive flight of imagination response/understanding of this dream of woman and cat ....

The sounds do not destroy the visuals, but are one with the visuals, are sourced in the visuals, and so, sound and visual work with, not against, each other.

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16mm film $25.00  

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