This is an experimental film with several experimental concerns, but mainly attempts to explore relationships between text and image. The text is a series of love letters and the theme is to objectify adolescent romantic love. The image centers on a typical romantic scene, a woman seated in a landscape reading a love letter. RECITAL is structured as a stream-of-consciousness narrative, and is feminist in the sense that there is a chorus of women's voices telling a feminine perspective of a part of every woman's social conditioning.

"Stephanie Beroes' film, RECITAL, addresses the state of 'woman in love.' As opposed, however, to a Lawrentian reading of the situation - a cascade of images of erotic transcendence - Beroes takes a more distanced look at the phenomenon. And it is one that views the situations as fraught less with ecstasy than with risk and pain. ... Beroes' goal is a kind of distanced deconstruction of the experience, in an attempt to view it with the lessons of knowledge and time." - Lucy Fisher, film critic and scholar, New York