Valley Fever

Inspired by Merleau-Ponty's statement, "there is a perpetual uneasiness in the state of being conscious," this film has to do with questions of perception, the way we see things. In an experimental, non-narrative context, the film presents a man and a woman who carry on a disjunctive conversation, superficially about the effects of illness on perception, actually about their mutual inability to perceive the world from any other than a personal viewpoint. They each set up a projector and show each other footage of their respective hallucinations under the influence of fever - images of the desert, palms, swimming pools, and the American suburban landscape. The hallucination sequences make a lyrical counterpoint to the formal, structured lip-sync sequences.

"[A] graceful craft evident in everything from the hand-held camerawork to the jump cuts and other kinds of transitions." - Jonathan Rosenbaum, The Soho Weekly News