Six Loop Paintings

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

In SIX LOOP-PAINTINGS, as in SOUNDTRACK, sound and image are hand applied directly on to 16mm clear leader. The image at a given instant is repeated both on the image track and soundtrack, so that the viewer is visualizing the image he is hearing. However, unlike SOUNDTRACK, the images and sounds in SIX LOOP-PAINTINGS are not painted; they are made by cutting to size and pasting acetate self-adhesive patterns (Micotape and Zipatone) directly onto the clear film. Each pattern yields a distinct sound. Patterns of lines yield square wave sounds; patterns of dots yield sine wave sounds; patterns of diamonds yield sawtooth wave sounds, etc. The finer the pattern, the higher pitched the tone. The further spaced the pattern, the deeper the tone .... I especially recommend SIX LOOP-PAINTINGS to those interested in the texture of sound and image, and in the ways sound and image can relate to each other.

Exhibition: KING-TV, Seattle; on tour with the American Institute of the Arts' New American Filmmakers Series.

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