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Black and white with some color hand-applied to each print, hand-painted image, hand-painted sound.

I think every student of film should, early in his studies, make a film such as SOUNDTRACK; namely, a film in which sound and image are conceived together as a unit and painted one frame at a time. The advantages for students of handpainting sound and image are threefold: 1. the expense involved is minimal. 2. there is no time lag between the conception of an idea and its realization and screening (no lab wait, etc.) 3. ideas can be expanded, modified and changed immediately and directly after viewing. A basic feel for audio-visual space-timing and the grammar of the frame can be learned in this way. ... Articles and illustrations which describe the tools and techniques used in making SOUNDTRACK can be found in Source magazine (issue no.7) and Film Culture magazine (issue no. 48-49).

Awards: Monterey Film Festival, 1969; Fourth Annual Independent Filmmakers' Competition, 1969.

Collection: Museum of Modern Art, NY

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