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This film was made by contact-printing rolls of 35mm slide film onto 16mm movie film. The result is a collage of fragments of larger still images. Since the images overlap onto the optical soundtrack area of the 16mm film, the images actually generate their own sounds. Crude musical rhythms and tonalities are created based on visual rather than aural cues. "Scott Stark's SATRAPY charts the subversive power of the feminine. Thin, horizontal black and white lines, accompanied by a low buzzing tone, bulge intermittently. Flashes of white, girlie playing cards, and flashes of black increasingly disrupt the pattern. Initially the alternation between the flickering cards - with their teasing bare flesh - and the stripes recalls subliminal perception tests. With more rapid, wildly anarchic editing, however, the cards displace the stripes, challenging the film's coherency. Female sexuality, instead of supporting the logic of representation, threatens annihilation." - Manohla Dargis, The Village Voice

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