Why Live Here?

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

WHY LIVE HERE? explores three characters' reaction to their environments - San Francisco, Florida and Montana. In the film each character develops a particular relationship to place. One moves back to Montana to help with a family business, another moves to SF for the cultural climate, and a third moves to Tampa, Florida for a temporary job. All wonder why they are where they are, and what they might be missing elsewhere. Through the musings of the three characters, the film considers notions of home and community in an age when people move all over for all reasons.

"... confronting notions of home and community in an age of unprecedented transience and instabilty." - San Francisco Cinematheque

"... a cartographer of interior landscapes forged from film chemistry, optically-printed materials, documentary/ diary footage and journal entries." - LA Filmforum

"Provocative ... engaging ... Street leaves us with the very real sense that you take your possibilities and limitations with you wherever you go." - The Los Angeles Times

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