Auto Pos

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Sound design by Dane Davis.

In everyone's life, change exists as a kind of exploding vortex of conflicts and complications, disorienting and challenging at the same time. Technological change is a peculiar twist of this concept for it affects each generation differently separating the older from the younger, the parent from the child, the student from the teacher. A child's ABCs are learned on a different kind of tool with each passing era. Now, it is the computer. Our understanding and appreciation is warped by our prejudice and our insecurities. Change in one's life is like being inside an explosion. We feel swept along like bits of shrapnel, powerless to resist, angry at its incessant pull, fearful of being left behind. The digital revolution in the film industry is the letterbomb left at my doorstep which I fear to touch yet dare not ignore. Bits and bytes separate my present from my past. The film origins of my interest in visual effects become artifacts of history as surely as the bits of recent films used to construct the images of this abstract film. The optical printer, the principal tool of its making, may stand in the future as a tool not of commercial filmmakers but of artists, much like the litho press or the blacksmith's anvil.

The film, AUTO POS, is an experimental construction, in six sections, all using film elements scavenged from the process of making optical effects for commercial films and all assembled on the optical printer.

Awards: Director's Choice, Black Maria Film and Video Festival, 1997; co-Winner, Peter Wilde Award, Most Technically Innovative Film, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1997.

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