Stone Paintings

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Music composed by Melissa Hoy.

I grew interested in how much visual motion could be created, on the optical printer, from a few simple abstract shapes and colors. This grew into a three-part optical printer film which I called STONE PAINTINGS. The shapes were created by laying pieces of masking tape on strips of clear film and then cutting out shapes from the tape with an x-acto blade. These were then sprayed with black paint after which the tape was pulled off leaving the black shapes on the film. I could then take these stripes of film on the optical printer and manipulate them with cycles of motion, color and so on.

This film illustrates the idea that all images have life and meaning in the eye of the beholder. The drawings of early humans carefully imprinted on stone walls were in fact living moving images to them. People devised whole stories based on a few pictographs.

Awards: Short Experimental Film Award, Athens Int'l Film Festival, 1991; Cash Award, Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival, 1991.

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