Excess, Black Noise, and Fast Moving Pictures

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Seventy seconds of furiously energetic filmmaking in which all of the possible pauses in visual and aural activity have been removed. What is left when all of the fat has been trimmed? Monkeys with diamond studded collars, killer fish, and a parade of incongruous images, statements, questions, and answers guided to an exciting climax by a storefront dummy who takes over the interviewing chores midway through the film.

"The central idea of Turkle's interview films involves getting around the images that block perception. The film tricks the images or somehow pushes them toward a deliberate self-consciousness, while simultaneously encouraging their chance or found condition. The processes of chance and deliberation combine to produce works of gentle beauty and profound, acerbic wit. Altogether the effects of these films is that of sentiment moved to the power of scrutiny." - Richard Milazzo, Artmode

Exhibition: Herbert F. Johnson Museum, Cornell University; New Orleans Museum of Art; Fort Worth Art Museum; SF Museum of Modern Art.

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