Fearful Symmetry

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"Long live dynamic geometry, the movement of points, lines, surfaces, volumes ...." - Dziga Vertov

Uses precisely (mathematically) determined single-framing to give movement to static space, to give life and energy to solid objects, to duplicate/mimic the eye's true movements, to forcefully bring to consciousness an inherent symmetry and balance in the visual field. Images: deadened railroad tracks, ice plant fields, Bethlehem Steel smokestack, Canyon Cinema office, back porch clouds and sky, PG&E plant at Moss Landing ....

"FEARFUL SYMMETRY arrives at very nearly the identical [profoundly felt] sensibility by the reverse process - I feel Michael Wallin experienced a transcendent state first, then after translating that into intellectual terms, began to film a construct .... Wallin imputes the foundation of an imagistic world through discontinuous static displacement pans, flash framing the blindness persistent in vision, emptying out the subject-as-limit into the subjectlessness of seeing." - Robert Fulton, filmmaker (SFAI Film Festival Judge)

Award: SF Art Institute Film Festival, 1981

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