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Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Music: Westland Steel Band

Explores the juncture of psychology and spirituality as expressed in the writing of the Russian mystic/philosopher Gurdjieff and his student Ouspensky. A deconstruction (via rhythmic repetition and optical printing) of the notion of personality, as expressed in gesture and vocal nuance, that becomes almost unconscious in behavior. An attempt to bring to consciousness these idiosyncratic traits and break the cycle of waking sleep.

"It was the funniest film in the festival ... the images stayed with me and heightened my visual world. ... [A] beautiful dialectical relationship on the structural use of sound ...." - Ray Kril, festival judge

"One of the few films from which I actually learned something about people." - Don Lloyd, filmmaker and festival judge

"Almost a linguistic analysis of the structure of motion ... orchestrates the 'meaningless babble' of life." - Carel Towe, filmmaker and critic

Awards: Best of Festival Award, Humboldt State University Film Festival, 1975; Marin County Nat'l Film Competition, 1975.

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