Journey, The - Reel 1

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Watkins and the translators introduce themselves. Bob Del Tredici presents photographs documenting the nuclear weapons process. Lewis (in the Scottish Western Islands). Intro. Stornoway airport. LEWIS group begins their discussion. Ms. SAEKI enters crypt in Hiroshima Peace Park. Long shots of Hiroshima and ABCC in foreground. Ms. SAEKI shows family portrait. Bob Del Tredici and photos re Pantex and the Bishop of Amarillo. Intro. atmosphere at Bangor submarine base. SHELLEY DOUGLASS introduces her home and the tracks of the White Train. More Bangor atmosphere, tourist bus into base, horse grazing, washing on line, patrol car by perimeter fence. We meet DRINKWINES for first time. LS evening over Hiroshima, and Radio-Canada fanfare on evening news. "Brian Mulroney arrives in Quebec. ..." Cut to silence of Pacific Ocean and sunset. PW re global militarization. Moruroa photos shown to family (unidentified). Walk towards LUCAS's home on Tahiti ....

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