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Journey, The - Reel 10

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Martina DUVEL talks about the passivity caused by TV. ITN TV News (UK) shows film of the 1950s British nuclear testing in Australia. Ken and Shane BARNES talk about the effects of nuclear weapons. Mariam asks about nuclear winter. Pan over the tranquil countryside around the Barnes home. Intercut with Ron CRIPPEN saying that it is sad to waste all this (Honeywell) technology on defense. Tilt up from photo of Hiroshima in sand to MOCAMBIQUE group. The women describe the effect of the MNR war in their country. The pale blue Pacific. Trish CRIPPEN talks about responsibility. Pan over the faces of the TAHITI group as they listen to a replay of the discussion in the FR3 studio in Toulouse about the French testing in Polynesia. The Acid Rain press conference in Quebec City. Reagan gives a formula speech and is challenged by a journalist ....

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