Journey, The - Reel 11

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Bob Del Tredici shows more photos, including those of Bernard Cohen, who has undertaken to swallow plutonium on TV. Yoriko plays the piano, and we see the polluted LaTrobe Valley. Cut inside the cellar in Morwell, for the first of the scenes depicting survivors in a post-nuclear world. Evacuees get out of buses in Ilion, as we continue the Civil Defense scenes in New York, now showing attempts to billet. The SAMWELA family on Tahiti look at the photos from Hiroshima, and Do asks "Why do we kill each other?" Mr. BRASCH continues to tell of his experiences in the Hamburg firestorm. With hundreds of other cars, the VIKANS approach the Vududalen Civil Defense checkpoint. MELITA and her family in Mocambique describe the direct consequences of the war on their lives. "No plates ... no bread." Ranveig VIKAN discusses the fear of many teachers at speaking out ....

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