Journey, The - Reel 12

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The HENDRICKS arrive at the gas station in Utica, where there is complete chaos as people try to fill their cars as they flee. The VIKANS in their car, driving to Frosta. Anne asks Christian to fetch the hamster if he goes back home. We hear the continuing voices of General Vessey and Casper Weinberger from the defense hearings (Jan. 1984) as they say that if the US lacks the will to go forward with its strategic modernization programs "we will have conceded our inferiority." Mr. SHINDO in Hiroshima describes his family situation before the attack in August 1945. ELENA and Pancho in Mexico talk about the rising prices. PW shows the US university map to the CRIPPEN family, describing the amount of defense dollars given to educational institutions for military research. Mr. SHINDO describes the moment the atomic blast hit his home 40 kms outside Hiroshima.

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