Journey, The - Reel 13

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Mr. HAMADA praying. We walk through the Hamburg bunker and we hear Mr. HAMADA describe the death of his father, saying "Why did we fight such a silly war?" We hear the whining sound as the handles on the emergency air pumps in the bunker are turned. Map showing the radioactive fallout from a nuclear attack on the nuclear reactors in the northeast United States. Scene of total chaos at the Utica gas station. Elizabeth screaming as Bill is manhandled by the police. The old woman in MOCAMBIQUE describes life under the Portuguese colonialists on a cotton plantation. The women work in the fields. Cut back into the Gala, as Edith Butler and other artistes entertain Ronald Reagan. Graphic of paint brush, broad paint stripes and a single dot, showing the amount spent by various countries on international peacekeeping ....

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