Journey, The - Reel 14

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PW describes sweeping powers given to the British army to control the civilian population in a time of emergency. "Our" BBC newsreader (Alex) introduces the evening news, and describes a (hypothetical) emergency situation in the UK with all locally elected officials being removed from office - or placed under "house arrest." We see the arrest of some Glasgow councillors. The army raid a house in Glasgow and storm up the stairs. "Our" TV reporter Annette describes the house arrest of two local councillors. Maureen Forrester completes her aria in the Gala, and then (backstage) describes how wonderful she thought everything was. Back on stage, Maureen calls to Reagan and Mulroney to come down and join them. The protestors are arrested in Vancouver, Washington. The audience bursts into applause. The BARNES watch some more of Bill Hayden, and Ken queries Hayden's reference to King Canute ....

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