Journey, The - Reel 15

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In the cellar in Morwell, Australia, an adult education teacher says that she and her students sometimes talked about the possibility of this occurring. The White Train pulls into the little town of Shelton, Washington. PW talks about nuclear testing in different countries. In the cellar, several of the "survivors" discuss the relative merits of writing letters to politicians, or protesting out on the streets. Michael McIvor, of the CBC, engages in an anti-peace movement discussion with a CBC correspondent in Paris. Calum in the LEWIS group talks about the positive contribution that their campaign has made in making more information available. Back to the CBC, this time journalist Sheila McVickar who tells McIvor how she cannot help people who want to leave Central America as refugees. They both discuss objectivity. A young Marxist interviewed by our video team in Quebec City discusses the bias in the press ....

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