Journey, The - Reel 16

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In MOCAMBIQUE, the women talk about living under the war. On a map, we see the White Train arriving at Bangor. Al DRINKWINE describes his resignation, and the large number of civilian employers who subsequently refused to employ him. Mr. LEE describes the prejudice of the Japanese against the Koreans even during the time of the A-bomb trauma. Our rail walk terminates at the gates of the Bangor base. Miron MATAO and his family describe the lack of tuition in the Ma'ori (Polynesian) language in the local French-organized schools. The White Train arrives at Bangor, we see the protestors and the Federal agents locked together in a macabre dance. We hear more of Caspar Weinberger's voice, extolling the virtues of the SDI project. The VIKANS finally arrive at the Frosta school (the Civil Defense evacuation point) and PW reminds us that this is only 25 kms from the nuclear target at the Vaernes airport ....

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