Journey, The - Reel 17

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Lights are switched on in the MORWELL CELLAR, the Australian cast react to the experience. ELENA's neighbors talk about the possibility of change. Ignatio reminds us that "alone you can do nothing." In the school at FROSTA, the Norwegian cast give their reaction to the reenactment, and their opinions of the Civil Defense measures that would have brought them here in an actual emergency. The sequence ends with a strong appeal for action from one of the organizers, and much applause. We now enter the sequence where a number of the families in the film watch an extract of the KOLOSOVS interview on their own video sets, beginning with ELENA and her neighbors, who watch Masha's impassioned response to the question about Russia wanting war. This continues with the MORIS, the CRIPPENS, the discussion group in the FR3 studio, the TAHITI group, and finally the HENDRICKS. All watch the KOLOSOVS ....

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