Journey, The - Reel 18

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Kimi MORI says that she thinks Russia is going the wrong way, by educating their children that America and England are the "devils." She goes on to express how she hopes there will be no more war in the world. Alexander KOLOSOV describes why he - and the Russian people - feel it is correct that Soviet troops are in Afghanistan. Mr. BRASCH tells us that he believes the British bomber crews could not imagine what was happening down there, and he goes on to stress that the only way now is for all the nations to keep together. Mrs. BIERMANN echoes these sentiments, and emphasizes that we must support the peace movement, that this is the only thing to do. ELENA and Pancho describe the acute need for tranportation, and they repeat that people are forced to steal now. GERARD & OUIZA describe the divided society in Toulouse, that there are two societies, two camps, and that this situation is instrumental in the increase in racism ....

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