Journey, The - Reel 2

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MOCAMBIQUE women sing and dance. Alpheus Manghezi walks towards the collective and begins interviews with the women. This is intercut with Reagan and the "Football" climbing into a helicopter. Bob Del Tredici re the White Train at Amarillo. The first shot of walking along the rail tracks toward the entrance gates at Bangor. We hear the defense hearings from Jan. 1984 and the voices of Caspar Weinberger and General John Vessey. Main title of THE JOURNEY in many languages. The quarry on Lewis, and the lorry drives away into far long shot. PW compares quality of life statistics with quality in weapons development. Three captions re US and Soviet arms expenditures. Intro. Vaernes airport in Stjordal, Norway. Pan over fjord. Ms. SAEKI re morning of A-Bomb attack. We walk towards the VIKANS home. PW shows the pictures of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to the VIKANS ....

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