Journey, The - Reel 3

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Caption re Reagan bombing USSR in five minutes. Radio-Canada news item re Canadian-US relations. Tracking down the hallway of the press and TV headquarters in Quebec City. We meet the Radio-Canada producers at their breakfast meeting. They order poached eggs. MOCAMBIQUE women re their lack of equipment. VIKANS begin reaction to the Hiroshima pix. Sunset over Pacific. PW re nuclear testing in Pacific. LUCAS tells us that flash from testing dims the light of the sun. HENDRICKS react to Hiroshima pix. Ms. SAEKI re saying sorry to the injured and dead she stepped over. Bangor atmos. SHELLEY DOUGLASS tells us that no one saw the White Train go by for 20 years. Map showing all the nuclear bases in the US and the White Train beginning its journey from Amarillo.

Night scene of White Train at North Platte, Nebraska. Bangor atmos. Camera pulls back from photo of Hiroshima girl's burnt hand to show her face ....

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