Journey, The - Reel 4

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SMILLIE family react to Hiroshima photos. Rene HENDRICKS tells of seeing these photos once or twice. MOCAMBIQUE school children re their lack of clothes. ITN-TV News (England) re British mistake with A-Bomb in Australia. SMILLIES look at photo of silhouette on Hiroshima oil tank, and David describes his nightmare. Masha KOLOSOV says she has nightmares too. DUVEL family examine Hiroshima photos. Martina's friend Beate reacts. Pan over countryside outside Duvel's home. MORIS tells for first time of taking Teruko into radioactive Hiroshima after bombing. Martina DUVEL reacts strongly to photo of skulls outside Nagasaki school. GERARD & OUIZA also react to photos. CRIPPEN family tell that they did not know much about this before and do not discuss it at work. GERARD & OUIZA remind us that America did not A-bomb the Royal Palace in Tokyo, but the dwelling places of ordinary people in Hiroshima. "It's always the people who pay ...."

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