Journey, The - Reel 5

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BREAKFAST MEETING in Quebec City, the TV producers discuss the assignments. One of their reporters, Gilles Morin, in charge of covering the security aspects of the "Shamrock Summit," moves outside to film the demonstration, and interviews WAYNE MOREL. We see the Radio-Canada team standing near the police and generally not communicating with the demonstrators. Then follows a series of international TV evening news introductions, coupled with NUKIE saying "Hello boys and girls." Noriaki SHINYA tells of his school talking about the A-bomb only occasionally. A lorry on the island of Lewis drives past camera. ANDREW MACLEOD sings in Gaelic. A civilian plane takes off from Stornoway airport, and PW tells of the flight from Tinian carrying the first A-bomb. Intro the GAELIC group, who begin their animated discussion ....

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