Journey, The - Reel 7

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DUVELS talk about the effect of TV, Martina says she is worried by the flood of images. Reagan tells us it is "wonderful to be here" and then he and Mulroney leave the ceremony at the hangar in Quebec City. Sunset reflected in the water of the Pacific. Hinano LUCAS tells why it was necessary for her brother to work for the military on Muroroa. The CRIPPENS talk about the amount of information which Honeywell does and does not make available about their work on nuclear weapons. We track round the mound in the Hiroshima Peace Park, and Ms. SAEKI tells why she talks with the public in this place. Why she still does what she does after 40 years. The HENDRICKS arrive at the Remingtom School in Ilion, New York, at the start of the American Civil Defense reenactment scenes ....

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