Journey, The - Reel 8

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Young MOCAMBIQUE woman describes how much they love school, and how she wants to be literate so that she can teach the older women how to count. GERARD & OUIZA explain that the Arab language taught in Algerian schools is not the language spoken by ordinary people. Police arrest demonstrators at Vancouver and handcuff them with plastic strips. Photos of prewar Hamburg, Germany, and Mrs. BIERMANN begins her description of her experiences during the July 1943 firestorm. Bob Del Tredici shows us the boss of the Federal Emergency Management Agency and his "plan," and an underground storage vault ready for the "big banana." The VIKANS push through the crowd back towards their car. Everyone runs, not knowing what to do. The KOLOSOVS examine with dismay the dotgraph showing the nuclear weapons held by the US and USSR. The GAELIC group begin a cold war argument regarding the Russians and the Americans ....

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