In Heaven There Is No Beer?

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Produced, directed and photographed by Les Blank. Edited by Maureen Gosling.

IN HEAVEN THERE IS NO BEER? is a joyous romp through the dance, food, music, friendship and even religion of the Polka. The energy and bursting spirit of the polka subculture is rendered with both warmth and a dedication to scholarship in this journey through Polish-American celebration that takes us from New London, Connecticut's "Polkabration" to the International Polka Association's convention, with a stop along the way for a polka mass in Milwaukee.

"The photography and editing, soundtrack and beautifully constructed 'true-to-life' scenes are superb. For some reason or other, I found myself alternately laughing and crying during the film. It is an unbelievably heartwarming movie."
- Philip Elwood, San Francisco Examiner

"Mr. Blank also examines the dancers' Polish patriotism and the polka regalia, concluding that they may find a close and authentic sense of community through this form of folk art."
- Janet Maslin, The New York Times

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