Journey, The - Reel 9

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The MORI family discuss how little they know about the French nuclear testing in the Pacific. Camera tracks through the Hamburg underground nuclear war bunker, and we hear Mr. HAMADA describing the moment he first discovers his badly injured father in the first-aid station. We continue to walk through the bunker, up to the handles which turn the emergency air system. Over a close shot of a photo of Mr. Hamada's father, PW explains that Mr. Hamada collects Buddhas. We see closeup details of several Buddha figures, and we hear Kazuaki SHINYA explain to his daughter Yoriko about the death rate of children in Bangladesh and other poor countries. Cut to the MORI family as they discuss "why does this happen?" Radio-Canada TV footage of Reagan arriving at Quebec City airport and walking down the red carpet with Mulroney. Long shot of Mr. HAMADA praying before Buddha ....

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