In the Land of Owl Turds

  • Les Blank |
  • 1987 |
  • 30 minutes |
  • COLOR |
  • OPT

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

By Harrod Blank. Produced by Les Blank.

Roland drives a dada art gallery on wheels and attracts more girls than he knows what to do with. Unfortunately, they seldom stick around. Can it be his chicken imitations? His dead animal skulls? His green body make-up? Can a handsome boy who feels like a Martian find happiness with earth girls? And if not, then with who? Or what?

"IN THE LAND OF THE OWL TURDS is a whimsical tale of a handsome, but decidedly eccentric young man's rocky quest for true love. Recommended." - The Los Angeles Times
"A well-crafted fiction about love and sex and the whole damn thing, the picture boasts an eclectic and good sound track and some promising scenes with the younger Blank, who also stars in the evidently semi-autobiographical film."
- David Armstrong, San Francisco Examiner

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