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Made with Doug Dunderdale.

"CETOLOGY is a strange and beautiful exploration of a psychic space - an interior world. The title refers to the study of whales, the sound track uses the haunting calls of the Right Whale. The film itself was shot in the Chicago subway and elevated systems. The editing generates shifting spaces and overlapping times, evoking the mythic realms of Jonah and the Whale, Orpheus and Hades, and Ahab's obsessive search." - Bill Judson, Carnegie Museum of Art

Awards: First Prize, Lakeside Film Festival, 1977; Best Cinematography, Palo Alto Film Festival, 1979; Second Prize, Union of Independent Colleges of Art Film Festival, 1978; Humboldt Film Festival, 1979; DeAnza Film Festival, 1979; Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, 1978.

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