Birth of Seth Andrew Kinmont

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"The soundtrack was recorded separately and then put into position with the image. It covers the last hours before Seth was born. For the most part the camera remains on Vicki in her bed surrounded by her husband, sculptor Bob Kinmont, her children, the midwife, the doctor, and Bob's mother who holds the mirror so Vicki can see. Occasionally the camera looks out the window to the mountains and yard outside with a horse and neighbor children moving about.

"The vision is straightforward, no lyrical asides excepting the nature outside the window. The beauty and wonder arise from the situation and the people themselves going about this timeless procedure. As Seth's head begins crowning the telephone rings, Vicki's daughter answers and says it's for Vicki. Vicki says, 'Ask her to call back later.'

"There are a lot of birth films, but just a few reach the essence of the matter and manage to get it down on the emulsion. Wiley's vision is such that she never interferes with the inherent power of the situation. She is content to See." - Michael Reynolds, Berkeley Barb

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