Sorted Details

Shared shape, color or movement links each of these varied fragments of urban landscape with the next. Each sight has its own naturalistic ambient sound, as the film yanks you from spot to spot and moment to moment.

"One is repeatedly surprised and delighted watching Wright's films, the world is constantly being discovered, its secret harmony is perpetually revealed." - Marjorie Keller, Idiolects #8

"In a particularly beautiful passage, the film flows from an iridescent fragment to a dominant red, then to pink, back to red, then from blue striations to pink-tinted smoke to pink-tinted smoke, to a dusty hubcap on a tan car and, finally, to a man polishing a blue car. Wright introduces human presence very subtly: occasionally on the soundtrack in the form of voices, or with a mannequin or shadows, or with media figures on television. Although primarily a visual work, SORTED DETAILS is a very tactile film. Wright makes his vision palpable." - Janis Crystal Lipzin, Artweek