• Dick Blau |
  • 1990 |
  • 31 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Direction/Editing: Dick Blau; Performance/Music: Yehuda Yannay; Screenplay: Yannay/Blau; Visual Design: Jerry Fortier; Camera: Jake Fuller; Additional Performance: Valie Export as the Good Austrian and George - can you spot him? - Kuchar. From an original idea by Yehuda Yannay.

What happens when the Wandering Jew shows up in Milwaukee ... and wanders through Western history? JIDYLL (Yidl) is a collaborative venture between filmmaker Dick Blau and composer Yehuda Yannay. It is an experimental narrative that talks about Jewish experience, both contemporary and historical, through a series of performance activities, jokes and provocations, all strung together in a picaresque tale whose shape-shifting hero - played by Yannay - passes through a mid-sized American city in the course of a mythical day.

"[A] funny, poignant and provocative essay on Jewish identity, filled with a wealth of visual puns and striking images, that may amuse and disturb both Jews and gentiles." - Milwaukee Magazine

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