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ANASTOMOSIS is a film about the human hand, as a magnificent instrument which not only assists us in everyday life, but also essentially determines our careers, our play, and our relation to the world.

ANASTOMOSIS weaves the lives of five people and the delicate reconstructive work of the microsurgeon into an accessible, aesthetically pleasing and slightly humorous experience.

"Like those paintings which record major events in the history of medicine, Andrej Zdravic's ANASTOMOSIS also celebrates an intervention. Here we see imagination reconstitute nature through technology. The process is complicated: cruel yet caring, beautiful and grotesque. The result - a hand, let us say, whose missing thumb is now a toe - is at one and the same time magnificent in its recovered grace and monstrous in its form. Looking at such an image, we must question all 'natural' sentiment and aesthetic givens, for Zdravic's film has shown us the deeper beauties of imperfection." - Dick Blau, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

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