Selective Memory

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A cinematic diary that examines the nature of remembering. Assembled in the spirit and memory of the late filmmaker and friend, Will Hindle.

"... that use of realistic image to build a mental world that could not exist any other way. I will show it again and again."
- T.L.

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival; Bucks County Film Showcase and Tour; Directors Choice, Black Maria Film Festival; Directors Choice, Bucks County Short Film Showcase.

Exhibition (selected): Santa Fe Film Expo, Santa Fe Center for Contemporary Arts; Athens Film & Video Festival; Wexner Center for the Visual Arts; Onion City Film Festival, Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago; Cal Arts; Utah Short Film & Video Festival; Art Institute of Chicago; Honolulu Academy of Arts; Carolina Film & Video Festival; Closely Watched Films. Black Maria Film Festival Memory, San Francisco Exploratorium Art Zipperer and Stan Brakhage, Cal Arts Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

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