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A meditative study of the human hand. Coupled with our intelligence it serves as the genesis of success as a species and the ability to destroy ourselves.

"SOFTWARE departs from a familiar subject, i.e., parts of a human body, and proceeds through a process of defamiliarization. The use of the cinematic convention of the close-up elaborates on the Formalists' notion that the strength of cinema as art is based in part on a pictorial forming of details and on a disordering which cannot be predicted."
- Janis Crystal Lipzin, Eye Music, Filmworks Series

Awards: Cash Award, Florida Independent Filmmakers Festival; Best of the Athens Int'l Film Festival (Eye Music).

Exhibition: Films From Behind the Redwood Curtain; No-Nothing Cinema, SF; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Bellevue Film Festival; Humboldt Film Festival; Athens Film Festival.

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