Time and Places

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

In an evocative, personal journey, images of the phenomenal world are woven with those gathered during the Vietnam War as the former triggers the latter. For many, there is a singular event or experience where one crosses the point of no return and the world is never quite the same. This film shares such an experience.

"Magnetically beautiful ... with images of overwhelming power."
- Will Hindle

"Yours is a beautiful film, deeply felt, well crafted ... I am honored to have been able to show it and to have seen it."
- John Schofill

"The water sequence is absolutely brilliant."
- Gayla Jamison, IMAGE

"I have never seen a film so completely seamless. You really are building on [the work of] Hindle, O'Neill, and Baillie, taking their ideas to another level of execution." - Ted Lyman Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Second Place, Marin Film Festival; Cash Award, Sinking Creek Film & Video Festival.

Exhibition (selected): Mechanix of Nature, SF Cinematheque; Vietnam and Its Aftermath, Nexus Galleries, Atlanta; Healing the Wounds: Vietnam Veterans and the Arts, CA Touring Program; Festival of New Experimental Cinema, Art Institute of Chicago; Big Muddy Film Festival; Kenyon Film Festival; Artspace Gallery, LA; Films From Behind the Redwood Curtain, No-Nothing Cinema, SF; Boston Museum School; Closely Watched Films; Art Zipperer and Stan Brakhage - Cal Arts.

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