New York Day and Night

A Journey Through Light and Darkness

Music by Takehisa Kosugi

Collection of The Donnell Library Center, N.Y.
"This is not a sight seeing film but a poetic journey through light and darkness reflected on the city of New York where I often found empty spaces and times like Ma in Japanese . You do not often see the people walking on the streets or in the buildings. But you may feel the air and
the light are coming and going. It's not a deserted city, but full of energy that is there even without the people. You see the wind is blowing as the bubbles are floating over Wall Street, then up, up to the sky. The Sun sets under the Washington Bridge where all the cars are
running slowly like ants shot from afar. The night falls down among the skyscrapers yet the horizon is still light. Suddenly people are..." (T.I.)