Along the Way

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

A visual journal or diary, an experimental "travelogue," where the signposts of interest are equally elements of architecture and plant life as people and events. Imposition of formal compositional strategies vies with the revelation of off-hand personal gesture to continually regenerate interest and belie expectation. Both a reminiscence and an ongoing investigation, the intent is to communicate the essential quality of "place," which is always an amalgam of the visual and emotional. Friends who populate the images provide personal anecdotes for the soundtrack. Powerful (and painful) events in my life during the period of the film's completion certainly influenced its emotional tone. It seems at times an elegy to my relationship with a lover.

"Things are as they are - they are not like anything." - Robert Creeley

"No ideas but in things." - William Carlos Williams

We've traveled on together
Through dark and sunny days
And may we always be together
Just my Lord and I along the way.
- "Along the Way," John Duffey, as recorded by the Country Gentlemen

Award: SF Art Institute Film Festival, 1984

Exhibition: Bay Area Filmmakers Showcase, SF Int'l Film Festival, 1983

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