Last Days of Eddie Marsicano, The

Stricken with a rare and deadly type of cancer, writer, teacher, and humorist Edward Marsicano was told he didn't have long to live. This fast-paced and upbeat video tape documents Marsicano's final comments, anecdotes, barbs, and opinions about himself and the world he has known. "Ed holds forth on everything from microwaved bacon to literature to Richard Nixon to Elvis to those fuzzy covers people put on the back part of their toilets. These are moments of hilarious gallows humor! This definitely isn't your run-of-the-mill, sentimentalized, guilt-inducing cancer flick." - Mark Hinson, Tallahassee Democrat. In one of Marsicano's last telephone conversations he sums up his attitude toward his own death by telling a friend.... "When God calls I hope not to be here!"