MA: A Japanese Concept; MA:Space/Time in the Garden of Ryoan-Ji; MA (Intervals)

Ma appears to apply itself to an infinity of cases, figures, occurrences, it comes from an
elementary structural strategy that defines the ideogram's double emblem well enough,
a sun in the embrasure of a door.

- Daniel Charles (The author of "John Cage")

"Original, personal to integrate a philosophical agenda with a visual one"

- Nadine Covert ed. Art On Screen.

Four films related to the concept of Ma, a Japanese word for space in between, and intervals, is an indispensable factor of Japanese aesthetics. Starting from an experimental film of famous Zen Garden of Ryoan-ji, MA: SPACE/TIME IN THE GARDEN OF RYOAN-JI(1989),the second, a documentary of the making of the first, THE MAKING OF IN RYOAN-JI (1989), the third, an animation tracing the outline movements of the first as well, MA: THE STONES HAVE MOVED(2004), and the fourth, a totally abstract film using only four elements: a scratched line in the positive and the negative, and the black and white spacings(leaders), MA (INTERVALS)(1977)(T.I.)