La Reina

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

La Reina de los SueƱos
Reina de la casa, Reina de la sombra
Reina de viento, Reina del trueno
Mujer admirada, Mujer iluminada

In childhood, we see the world as a mystical universe continually reshaping itself. The miraculous is part of the everyday until we are taught to separate the real from the imaginary. When we split the two, we unlearn the secret language that speaks to us in dreams. In dreams, the images come like waves to the beach. Los sue-os that come with our eyes wide open are the reminders of how close we are to the mythical world and how we choose to block it out of the everyday. Those visions/visitations are the windows to our hearts. At the deepest levels, the image of the Virgen de Guadalupe becomes one of the focal points through which we see into the humanity of each other. These things must always be relearned.

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