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Edited and Co-written by Joanna Kiernan
Cinematography by Zoe Beloff and Bill Brand

People who are homeless reveal homelessness from their own experiences dispelling common misconceptions and prejudices. Told as a personal journey, the film gives a broad analysis of the causes and conditions of homelessness while it analyzes news, TV reports and historical images of poverty. This film presents new ways to look at homelessness, displacing the debate from questions of charity to ones of social justice.

"Bill Brand's remarkable documentary probes the lifestyles of the homeless population of our city and reveals perhaps the most frightening news of all. Many of those we see outside in cardboard boxes or sleeping bags are not drunks, addicts or lazy, but workers who simply don't earn enough to rent a room in New York." -- The Film Society of Lincoln Center

"The testimony of many homeless people would have been a sufficiently urgent basis for any documentary film on this subject. But Mr. Brand goes further, offering a disquisition on the connection between the condition of the homeless and the consequences of studying it as a series of images" -- Janet Maslin, The New York Times

** Blue Ribbon, American Film and Video Festival **
** New Directors/ New Films Festival, Museum of Modern Art, NYC **
** Berlin Film Festival Forum of New Cinema **
** Rotterdam International Film Festival **

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