Seasonal Forces Part 1

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

SEASONAL FORCES reveals the dissonance of human and natural conjunctions unfolding in rural areas everywhere. I have drawn on footage shot over the past 25 years - some appropriated from commercial resources, some hand-processed - an accumulation of textures which illuminate the film's fabric of memory. A wisteria arbor in bloom collapses under the weight of a late Spring rain, is rebuilt and repeats its cycle. In between occur an arson, flood, earthquake, planting and the harvest. Part 2 reflects on animals' roles in our lives as providers of food, companionship, clothing and sport. I observe the changes around me as I attempt to understand what it means to cultivate a sense of place in time.

[SEASONAL FORCES] immerses the viewer in the brilliant immediacy of experience ... collective social history ... [and] cyclical epiphanies which resonate within the moments of everyday life." - Brian Frye, Robert Beck Memorial (Cinema)

Exhibition: Premiere, M.H. DeYoung Museum, SF; Big As Life, Museum of Modern Art, NY; Rencontres Deuxiàme, Sixiàme Festival de Cinéma Super 8, Tours, France; 10th Annual US Super 8 Film & Video Festival, Rutgers University, NJ.

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