Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 18 fps

Sand, wind, and light intermingle with the emulsions. The viewer is the star.

"ALAYA manages a perfection of 'musical' light across a space of time greater in length than would seem possible (consider how brief most such perfected works are, such as Peter Kubelka, say) ... and with minimal means of line and tone. ... After about three minutes I began to be aware of the subtlety of rhythm, within each shot and shot-to-shot, which carried each cut, causing each new image to sit in-the-light of those several previous ... a little short of a miracle. Bravo!" - Stan Brakhage

"From PNEUMA the particles are still there and the light is still there, but now there is the distinct impression of watching air blowing sand, yet the air is as transparent as the viewer's mind." - Konrad Steiner

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16mm film, 18 fps $120.00  

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