Second Coming, The

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"THE SECOND COMING is a triumphant mixture of science fiction, political agitprop, and experimental montage. In the near future, Christian fundamentalists attempt a coup d'?tat in the US. Meanwhile, Carlos and Ben, two high school classmates in New York, are falling in love despite the homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic attacks of their peers. Together they join forces with an underground resistance led by teenagers who produce and broadcast videos challenging the fundamentalists .... THE SECOND COMING is a very angry, sometimes funny, and poignantly hopeful drama that will speak to your worst nightmares about the religious right." - Deborah Kaufman, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

"The revolution will be televised ... and the picture will not be pretty. The gay counterpart part to Lizzie Borden's lesbian/feminist Born in Flames, ... THE SECOND COMING shows how individuals can have an impact on a seemingly hopeless situation." - Cathy Phoenix, OUTFEST '96: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Exhibition: Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals in Turin, NY, Honolulu, SF, LA, Milan, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Montreal, MIX '96, Washington, DC, Hong Kong and Seoul; Big Muddy Film Festival, 1996; Chicago Underground Film Festival, 1996; and SF Jewish Film Festival, 1996.

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