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Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Optical Printer: P. Froehle

FEVER is a visually dense, poetic exploration of the bond between a mother and child and the interruption of illness. Inspired by the open creativity and free-association of children, extreme close-ups of quotidian objects, distorted "synchronous" sounds, and floating text intermesh to convey the fluctuation between security and danger, confidence and doubt when a child falls ill. FEVER is the latest installment in a series of films - short poetic pieces exploring personal experience as well as the integration of image, text and sound on the screen. Experimental in form, they are visual poems - integrating poetic structure with image and sound to develop an experience not quite like film, not quite like poetry, not quite like sound art, but a hybrid of these forms. The other films in this series include FLICKER (UNSTEADY MOTION) and SPITTING IMAGE. Funding: City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs

Awards: Juror's Award, 37th Annual Ann Arbor Film Festival; Juror's Prize, Indiana Film and Video Festival.

Exhibition: Third Annual Arts Festival, Nagoya, Japan

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