Flicker (Unsteady Motion)

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Utilizing the optical printer to manipulate cinematic space and combine discrete images and text, FLICKER unites aspects of both experimental and narrative to examine the public and personal edges of existence. Inspired by Barthes' essay "The Death of the Author," FLICKER challenges the hierarchy of authority between image, voice and text through the experimental juxtaposition of all three. Through the story of an aging man near the end of his life, FLICKER explores issues of individuality as defined by memories, history and daydreams. FLICKER takes the audience on a journey of the interior - of recollection and remembrance, of life lived and carried on, of the constant wavering of life/death, inhale/exhale, love/loss.

Funding: NEA Regional Program; CNTV; Illinois Arts Council; Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.

Award: Honorable Mention, Best of Fest Tour Inclusion, Rochester Film Festival; Finalist, SxSW Film and Media Conference.

Exhibition: New Zealand Film Festival; Brisbane Exposure Festival, Australia; Mint Museum of Art; Charlotte Film Festival; Tampere Int'l Film Festival, Finland.

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